Dog Training

" The Positive Way"


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Welcome to 4 on the Floor Dog Training

Serving Port Perry, Blackstock, Caesarea, Uxbridge and surrounding areas.

Becoming a puppy parent or adopting an older dog can be a challenging job! You need to learn as you go. I'm here to help.

If you have decided to educate your dog through their puppy and adulthood, I'd like to coach you through that journey. 

What is the "The Positive Way"

All learning is done through positive reinforcement, using praise and food treats as rewards. Every time you interact with your dog, it's a training session. They are always learning.

I will show you how to take advantage of that by incorporating what you learn in class into your everyday life interactions with your dog.

You will learn how to problem solve your dog's unwanted behaviours and teach your dog how to be a happy, well behaved member of the family!



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